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7 reviews
  • Becky·

    Dr. Perusich and Marisa are a great team to offer guidance and solid suggestions her all the members of our team. We appreciate all their help with the changing insurance climate.

  • Teri·

    Choosing Kats consulting has been the best business decision we have made. Dr. Perusich and Marisa are knowledgeable, helpful and a great support for our team!

  • Dr. Seth·

    Doctor Perusich and the Kats team are fantastic. They offer more a library filled with relevant information. They are always ready to speak to you on demand. I have never had coaches that have cared so much and truly help you success with all aspects of life and practice.

  • Dr. Nielson·

    With Dr. Perusich and his team I feel like I have someone watching my back. They follow through with everything they promise.

  • Paige·

    They constantly tailor their training program to our specific needs, ensuring that each session was relevant and impactful. They provide valuable insights and practical strategies that our team could immediately apply to our work. Overall, I highly recommend Kats consultants training team to any organization seeking to enhance the skills and capabilities of their chiropractic clinic.

  • Dr. Jessica·

    Dr. Perusich has been an incredible support for my business and for me personally as a first-time business owner. He has never tried to force me to be something I am not, or to move the business in a direction that is unnatural to our business goals. Any time I have gotten frustrated or lack-minded, he has always been encouraging and given tools for action. He has lived what he teaches!

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